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NCAA Championship Team 1985

Through the perspective of the Oregon women’s track teams of 1985 and 2011, filmmakers take a broad view of the struggles, the victories and the ultimate respect won by these women.


NCAA Championship Team 1985
Traditionally, the track and field team with the strongest sprinters wins the national track and field championships. At the 1985 NCAA Championships, the team from UCLA counted both Jackie Joyner-Kersee and Gail Devers in its ranks. Joyner-Kersee had blasted onto the world stage in the 1984 Olympics, winning silver in the heptathlon, and Devers was a future Olympian. With Jackie competing in six events, UCLA was heavily favored to win the title. The Ducks countered the UCLA speed trust with homegrown distance runners and throwers.


The Oregon distance squad was led by the ‘Big Three’: Leann Warren, Claudette Groenendaal, and Kathy Hayes, all previous NCAA champions, as well as a strength crew with Sally Harmon, the 1981 NCAA javelin champion and the school record holder in the shot and Discus, Quenna Beasley.


After four days of a furious battle with UCLA, Florida State, and Louisiana State, Oregon was set to win if  Kathy Hayes  performed well in the 5,000-meter final. Earlier in the week, her spirit was crushed when she finished fifth in the 10,000 meters. She was unaware that the meet’s outcome rested on her shoulders as she toed the line for this final race….


  • Oregon has a strong team who won the NCAA Indoor Track and Field Championships the last two years. After two consecutive track and field indoor championship wins, the team is seeking victory in the Outdoor championships in Des Moines, Iowa this June 2011. The documentary is  following the drama as it unfolds this season.



    Project Team

    • Ellen Schmidt-Devlin (1976-1979 UO Cross Country/Track)- 27 years with Nike. (Executive Producer/Producer)
    • Tom Heinonen- UO Women’s Track and Field Head Coach 1975-2003, current UO Running Club Coach. (Project advisor)
    • Janet Heinonen- (1970,72 UO Track) Former UO Women’s Sports Information Director, Editor/Publisher, Keeping Track Newsletter. (Project Advisor)
    • Erich Lyttle-Director, Eray Motion Media, Fire on the Track: the Steve Prefontaine Story, 1995. There is no finish line: The Joan Benoit Story, 2011. (Co-Director, writer, Producer)
    • Sarah Henderson- Filmography, Sirena Pictures, There is no finish line: The Joan Benoit Story, 2011. (Co-Director, Producer)


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    1. Lexie Beck says:

      …mostly throwers and distance…you need me!

    2. Ellen Devlin says:

      Hi Lexie, Yes, we need you! Can you tell your story in the “My Story” section, and post more pictures of sprinters? Also, any other former athletes you can find, please forward the website information. The majority of the content for this website will come from all of the past and current athletes.

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